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Managed XDR-as-a-Service

XDR is managed by a team of highly efficient experts in our 24×7 Security Operations Centers (SOC). Ready to enhance and upgrade your company’s security posture?

Open Threat Management intigrityshield

What is extended detection and response service (XDR)?

Extended detection and response is a state-of-the-art security solution that offers comprehensive protection to endpoints, clouds, networks and applications. It combines other solutions like managed detection response(MDR), security information and event management(SIEM), user behaviour analytics(UBA), network flow analytics, endpoint detection and analysis(EDR), system X threat containment and dark web monitoring for a complete protection.

This enhances the MDR with additional features but at no additional cost, providing a comprehensive security and cost-effective solution for detecting and responding to threats.

Integrity Sheild’s XDR benefits and features

  • Centralized user interface
  • Advanced threat detection & response
  • Automatic analysis & correlation
  • Proactive prevention measures
  • Avoid alert fatigue
  • Improved security posture
  • Expedite response time
  • Identify stealthy threats

Achieve a remarkable 75%-90% reduction in both capital and operational expenses. Our Open Threat Management Platform is designed with a human touch, offering a perfect blend of automation, visibility, insightful data, and personalized controls. Optimize analytics, shorten time-to-detection and time-to-remediation, and gain effective control mechanisms, including enforcing network policies for micro-segmentation and defining custom alerts tailored to your unique needs.

Why organizations need XDR -as-a-Service?

With your business’s expansion, endpoints, infrastructure, networks, and applications also increase in number and require protection. While MDR offers rapid protection, detection, and remediation, it only addresses single aspects of network security. XDR-as-a-service combines multi security solutions such as MDR, UBA, SIEM, EDR, NDR, netweok flow analytics and dark web monitoring into one platform.

Hence, XDR-aa-a-Service build a holistic and unified dense against all types of cyber-attacks. It therefore speeds up the process of detection and remediation. Your organisation can now protect its growing network and infrastructure through XDR-as-a-Service.

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Common Questions

XDR-as-a-Service frequently asked questions?

MDR is an outsourced security solution that transfers responsibility to a team of experts while XDR model does not, the responsibility for threat detection lies in the organization implementing XDR solution.

EDR focuses on protecting endpoint using behaviour analytics while XDR takes a wider view focusing on endpoints, clouds, emails etc to provide security.

Simplified workflow, automated response, machine learning, visibility across security spectrum

This is due to the ML based analysis and automated response capabilities. But on a closer look, it results in cost advantages and workload reductions.