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Managed SOC (aiMSSP)

Managed SOC & AIMSSP Solutions

Onboard within 1 hour. Streamlined deployment with no initial costs. Establish your Managed Security Service business effortlessly using essential tools, a service catalog, onboarding steps, and operating procedures. Alternatively, enhance your existing SOC with a hassle-free, cutting-edge cybersecurity solution that prioritizes defense in-depth and delivers outcome-driven results.

Managed SOC [aiMSSP]​
On-board Customers In An Hour With Streamlined Essentials

Unlock the potential of a unified portal and pre-built templates for seamlessly onboarding customers (tenants) or initiating services.

Multi-Tier Multi-Tenant By Design To Preserve Integrity And Privacy

Provide shared services with comprehensive separation of data, rules, configurations, and reports, ensuring scalability across diverse regions.

Streamline Operational Efficiencies In Customer Handling

Surpass all obstacles in managing numerous customers with both summary and detailed views, offering operational granularity.

The aiMSSP solution integrates a SOC Dashboard with a defense-in-depth cybersecurity system, optimizing Automatic Threat Detection and Remediation. This positions it as the most versatile Managed Detection and Response platform available in the market.


Comprehensive Security Management with aiMSSP™

Experience the versatility of Automatic Threat Detection and Remediation, making it the forefront choice for a Managed Detection and Response platform in the market.

The MSSP Dashboard

Gain a concise overview of all your tenants (customers) presented in colored tiles. The color scheme includes green for "zero" alerts, red for critical alerts, orange for major alerts, and purple for system alerts. This summary allows you to assess the alert status before entering each customer portal.

Configure Source of Threat Intelligence

Designate the origin of Threat Intelligence data based on curated sources from Seceon, external sources through the STIX-TAXII interface, or imported files. This flexibility accommodates scenarios with connectivity restrictions to remote servers.

Display Brand Logo

Tailor the MSSP Portal, UI screens, authentication page, and reports to align seamlessly with your branding.

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