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Open Threat Management

Open Threat Management

Empowered by cutting-edge technology, our system employs Machine Learning (ML) analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making to actively seek out and thwart cybersecurity threats. Picture it as a digital guardian that not only identifies but also confidently eliminates potential risks before they pose a danger. This proactive approach ensures a strong defense, allowing you to navigate the digital landscape with peace of mind. Think of it as your digital ally, always ready to shield you from evolving cybersecurity challenges.

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Real-time Processing at Speed

Swiftly process and act on actionable intelligence using Big/Fast Data technology, fueled by in-memory computing for unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Built-in Correlation based on Behavioral Patterns

Empower our system to learn from user, entity, and network behaviors, allowing it to analyze and correlate events.

Dynamic Threat Models for Attack Analysis

Experience the capabilities of AI-based computing to craft threat models that reflect the attack techniques and tactics outlined in the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

Achieve a remarkable 75%-90% reduction in both capital and operational expenses. Our Open Threat Management Platform is designed with a human touch, offering a perfect blend of automation, visibility, insightful data, and personalized controls. Optimize analytics, shorten time-to-detection and time-to-remediation, and gain effective control mechanisms, including enforcing network policies for micro-segmentation and defining custom alerts tailored to your unique needs.

Key Components

Open Threat Management's Key Components

Enhancing Security with Human-Centric Components

Control & Collection Engine

It intelligently enriches structured and unstructured data before securely routing it to the OTM core, ensuring a robust connection.

Analytics and Policy Engine

Dynamic threat models, steered by actionable AI and ML correlation, offer remediation routes with the flexibility of minimal intervention or full automation for effective threat containment.

EDR Agent

Beyond data collection, it plays a vital role in threat containment and elimination on the endpoint, triggered by remediation policies.

aiXDR Server

It issues specific instructions to aiXDR agents, fostering seamless communication with the APE and contributing to the comprehensive security fabric provided by OTM

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