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Advanced SIEM (aiSIEM)

Revolutionary Analytics, Integrated Security powered by aiSIEM

Secure your digital assets, people, and network around the clock, all at a fraction of the cost. Benefit from real-time advanced threat detection and automated remediation using cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Halt breaches and ensure business continuity, all at an affordable price!

Advanced SIEM (aiSIEM) intigrityshield
Uninterrupted Compliance - Accessible On-Demand and at Scale

Stay consistently informed and compliant with ongoing regulatory checks, adapting seamlessly as your business expands in users, assets, and digital footprint.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency in Threat Detection

Significantly minimize operational challenges by utilizing streamlined analytics and automation to focus solely on meaningful alerts, eliminating false positives.

Elevated Result Quality

Gain confidence in alerts supported by validated Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and prompt manual or automated responses.

aiSIEM introduces a groundbreaking paradigm in cybersecurity, diverging from conventional SIEM methodologies. By avoiding traditional pitfalls, it enables enterprises to proactively combat the complexities brought about by evolving threat vectors, sophisticated techniques, and dynamic tactics. With a focus on innovation, aiSIEM ensures a robust defense mechanism, providing organizations with the agility and resilience needed to safeguard their digital landscapes in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Key components

Act promptly. Minimize damage. Effectively manage risk.

The solution seamlessly integrates a validated list of threat indicators, correlated events, and network traffic flows. This integration, enriched with threat intelligence, behavioral anomalies, historical context, and vulnerability scan results, produces highly effective and cohesive alerts. This ensures a proactive response without alert fatigue, enabling timely semi-automated or automated quick responses.

Alerts Analysis

Easily understand the status, users involved, and affected hosts—all presented with color-coded indicators. The breakdown includes severity levels and confidence scores for a comprehensive overview.

Alerts and Threat Indicators

Uncover details about the affected assets and users. For a closer look, explore the specific event or network flow attributes, such as source IP, destination IP, event type, timestamp, process name, and more.

Event Trending

Explore the chronological breakdown, complete with severity levels and confidence scores for a clear understanding.

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