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Redefining Cybersecurity with AI
With 8000+ Satisfied Customers of the platform Worldwide, IntigrityShield is analyzing 450+Billion Flows and Security Events every day. Explore the future of cybersecurity with advanced AI-driven solutions. Designed to provide dynamic, proactive protection, keeping you ahead of emerging cyber threats to protect your IT and OT assets.
Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats
With IntigrityShield's real-time threat detection, safeguard your digital world around the clock. Our system vigilantly monitors and responds to threats, ensuring constant security with AI Automated Response.
Efficacy and Efficiency
Streamline your cybersecurity efforts with IntigrityShield. Our platform offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution, integrating all your security needs into one powerful system. Advanced auto-detection & auto-remediation, threat nipped in the bud right at the source, one SOC Analyst can monitor up to 100+ locations
Wide Integration Possibilities
With more than 72+ log connectors, 9+ connectors for most popular Ticketing/ITSM/PSA systems, 15+ API connectors and flow connectors for 15+ most popular platforms, IntigritySheld becomes one of the most comprehensive single cyber security platform choice for any organization.
Low Mean-Time-To-Response
IntigrityShield significantly reduces Mean-Time-To-Response (MTTR) through its Automatic Threat Remediation feature, complemented by a highly customizable drag-and-drop playbook. The intuitive playbook interface allows for tailored AI responses, enhancing the system's learning and effectiveness in real-time threat scenarios, ensuring rapid and precise security responses.
Low Mean-Time-To-Identify
IntigrityShield efficiently reduces Mean-Time-To-Identify (MTTI) by employing Proactive Threat Detection, leveraging advanced algorithms to swiftly identify potential threats, enhancing early warning capabilities, and ensuring prompt and effective security responses.
Costs much less than a cup of coffee
Achieve robust 360°/24x7 protection without the hefty price tag. IntigrityShield offers flat per asset, cost-effective licence model tailored to your organization's needs. Our low CAPEX/OPEX makes your security investment a breeze, with Continuous Compliance Reporting and Monitoring (Smart Threat Analytics.)
Single Comprehensive Visibility
Single Dashboard Comprehensive Visibility of all assets, flows, applications and their interactions.
Flexible Deployment Model
Flexible and Scalable Deployment Model in SaaS, Bare metal, Cloud or Hybrid.
Help organizations reduce they CAPEX/OPEX with asset based licensing.
One Security Umbrella for IT and OT
Eliminates Need for individual solutions for each security problem such as EDR, SIEM, UEBA, DLP, IDS, IPS, SOAR, NBAD.
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Customers Worldwide
Who we are

Most trusted cybersecurity provider, providing you the best possible security from cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is essential for protecting your confidential data that should never fall into the wrong hands. We understand how important data security for you and your organisation and we is guarantee to provide the best security for your data from possible threats.


Integrations and connectors for efficient workflow and operations in your organization

Streamline your work environment by understanding how interconnections reduces the gaps between applications and processes. Whether you are an IT professional, a business professional, or a tech enthusiast, explore how integrations and connectors can help you to enhance your workflow.

Protecting your digital information

In this fast-paced digital world, cyber threats are evolving and becoming stronger than ever. Hence, cybersecurity is a must to protect all your sensitive data and information. We have the most advanced technology, resources and knowledge to help you achieve the strongest cybersecurity for your organization.

We provide best solutions for data security.

Our services are equipped with AI/ML models that analyse data, identifies anomalies as fast as possible and possible threats that traditional methods could not achieve. we implement predictive intelligence and real time monitoring.

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Customer Support

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Premium Security

Smart security is the need of the hour.

Cyber threat detection

We analyse, scan, and neutralise any possible threat providing robust security to your system.

Risk assessment and compliance

We analyze through risk assessment, and we can guarantee you that we always, strictly, comply with industry rules and regulations for providing data security to your organization.

Incident Response and Recovery

Our security services and approach identify threats as soon as they breach the security and then organizes the best and robust protection against the threat and reduces downtime and data loss.

Cyber Threat Assessment

Our assessments involve checking vulnerable points in your system, networks and applications while informing you by giving insights about possible cyber threats.

Managed Security Services

Constant monitoring, incident response and threat detection allows real-time protection. You can choose to focus on your task at hand while we mitigate threats and secure your data.

24/7 Monitoring and Incident Response

Our constant surveillance ensures rapid response just as soon as the threat reaches your security system, afterall prevention is better than cure.

AI and ML powered SIEM and XDR platform

Leverage the aiSIEM and aiXDR with aiMSSP to streamline your data security through automation and augmentation.

Why Choose Us

Your one-stop solution for all cybersecurity needs

Take advantage of our detection and remediation features, which guarantee that threats are eradicated from their origins. With our solution a single SOC Analyst can effectively. Monitor, up to 100 locations


Our team comprises of experts having sound knowledge and experience in AI, ML, and cybersecurity. As a team we can provide you the strongest and efficient security you can hope for.

Smart approach to cyber threats

We analyse possible threats by scrutinising the vulnerable points in your system and organise the best security that not only nips the threat in the bud but also mounts all-round protection.

Modified solutions for every challenges

We understand how different client’s different cybersecurity might have needs and we cater to a diverse range of clients, customising security services for them.

Wide-range support system

Apart from being your cyber-security provider, we offer training, constant support and fine-tuning to help you protect your data in every way.

Security monitoring and malware protection for Personal  Home Family. Businesses.

Cyber threats evolve daily, and so do we. With IntigrityShield as your partner, you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Protect your assets, secure your data, and fortify your defenses against cyber threats. 

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