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Ransomware Detection

Ransomware Detection

What truly makes a difference is the curated collection of threat indicators seamlessly woven together with internal and external intelligence. This dynamic synergy is the key to swift remediation—real-time, driven by notifications, and guided by carefully crafted playbooks. Your safety and the security of your organization are our top priorities.

Ransomware Detection​ intigrityshield
Prevent Ransomware

Empower assets, achieve visibility, and elevate cybersecurity services. MSSPs using our solutions see increased profitability and acquisition opportunities, particularly in government cybersecurity services.


It evolves beyond Endpoint Detection and Response and enhances SIEM capabilities. When your SIEM alerts, XDR automatically investigates, saving valuable time for your security team.


To address these issues, aiXDR was introduced in 2020. This platform integrates aiSIEM features and expands capabilities with an Asset Management System, offering detailed insights into endpoint information.

The Research and Development Team’s innovations go beyond malware detection, offering solutions to various corporate threats. These encompass addressing brute force attacks, managing insider threats, resolving data breach issues, handling vulnerabilities across digital assets, securing web applications, ensuring compliance, detecting and preventing ransomware attacks, protecting Domain Name Systems, and monitoring cloud assets. This comprehensive approach reflects a commitment to providing holistic and effective cybersecurity solutions.


Methods for Detecting Ransomware Activity

Our team of cybersecurity experts is committed to safeguarding your systems, networks, and users from potential attacks. These incidents can lead to the online leakage of information, causing damage to a business’s credibility and reputation, along with the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of consumers’ personal data.

Avoid Data Breaches & Extortion

Ransomware targets valuable information, prompting payments to prevent dark web exposure. Cybersecurity is vital as companies hold sensitive data, risking harm to the company and consumers, including credit cards, photos, and texts.

Become Unlisted

WiFi routers, with their typically low security, become prime targets for breaching both companies and personal computers. Our experts fortify your routers, making them impervious to attackers who attempt but ultimately fail.

Adapt High-Layered Security Solutions

Prevent such issues by maintaining updated systems, refraining from installing pirated software, and closing any potential loopholes with the assistance of cybersecurity experts. We believe that in the face of increasingly sophisticated criminals, our response must be even smarter, with a solution that operates seamlessly in real time.

Create Awareness Among Users

IntegrityShield's fully automated real-time solution offers a comprehensive view of your infrastructure, detailing each user's incoming and outgoing activities. Users gain a holistic security posture, enabling them to understand and enhance their security stance day by day.

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