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Extended Detection & Response (aiXDR)

Extended Detection & Response (aiXDR)

Securing digital information, IT assets, and business data poses a challenge for IT organizations dealing with a quasi-normal state due to a lack of in-depth insights across endpoints, servers, firewalls, users, entity behaviors, network traffic, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence.

Ensure the safety of your critical frontiers—whether in the remote workplace, the cloud, the office, or during transit—with IntigrityShield aiXDR.

Extended Detection & Response (aiXDR)​ intigrityshield
Comprehensive Security For Your Digital Assets

Feel confident as our integrated threat indicators span IT, OT, and IoT, enriched contextually with Threat Intelligence, Behavioral Anomalies, and Vulnerability Assessment.

Rich and Pertinent Evidence Derived From Various Sources

Reveal signs of suspicious processes, harmful executables, evasive tactics, reconnaissance activities, and more using a combination of lightweight agents and agentless technologies.

Powerful AI, ML And DTM To Preempt Incidents

Harness the advantages of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Dynamic Threat Models, as alerts are proactively generated with confidence scores.

With IntegrityShield’s aiXDR, grey and white spaces are erased from the cybersecurity canvas, leaving nothing to guesswork, abandonment, or fate. It transforms into a comprehensive “One Stop Shop” for multi-layered protection against threats, attacks, compromises, and exploits.


Elevating Cybersecurity with aiXDR: Key Features Unveiled

Discover the advanced capabilities of our Extended Detection & Response (aiXDR) platform designed to fortify your digital defenses

MITRE ATT&CK – Tactics & Techniques

Gain a unified perspective on the tactics and techniques employed by adversaries, meticulously mapped into sub-techniques and threat indicators. This provides detailed insights into the underlying events crucial for effective threat hunting.

EDR Hosts, Telemetry & Activity Summary

Access a comprehensive overview of all endpoints, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, whether they are online or offline. Gain insights into telemetry, network details (IP, Adapters), and activity summaries based on events spanning files, processes, sockets, shell scripts, and network activities.

User Behavior Analytics

Gain swift and curated insights into user behavior, covering Abnormal Logins, File Access, potential Insider Threat activity, and Brute Force attacks.

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