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Phishing Campaign & Security Awareness Training

Training your employees to be the first line of defence against cyber threats.

Our cybersecurity training equips your workers and employees with knowledge and skills to identify, manage and prevent cyber threats and protect your organization effectively and efficiently.

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IntigrityShield security awareness training

Your employees are the first line of defence against cyber threats and the first line of attack. Threat

identification is impossible without thorough knowledge of what the treat looks like. This is the weakest security link in your organization which a hacker can target.

Training your employees to know, understand and detect cyber attacks is the smartest step towards enduring data security of your organization. Empower your workers to understand and be skilful enough to combat cyber threats.

Security awareness training
Advanced security layer- employees are susceptible to phishing attacks by 92%, empowering employees to be trained is providing additional security for your organization.
Cyber knowledge assessment- our assessments evaluate your organization’s adherence to compliances, our data -driven insights helps you to make informed decisions.
Behaviour-driven security awareness - we have planned the training program in accordance with employee behaviour. Each employee gets a unique phishing email message for training purpose.
Spear phishing simulation - IntigrityShield tailored attacks with templates increases your success rates.
Reporting – IntigrityShield’s reporting gives insight about security and ROI through various reports on the training program.
Why choose our cybersecurity training program?
  • Continuous behaviour analysis process – various training based on employee behaviour pattern.
  • Awareness culture – encouraging employees to take interest in cybersecurity training and providing tailored content for specific training and knowledge.
  • Maintaining compliance- SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and many more.
  • Cost-friendly – monthly subscription plans, no transition fees, and monthly contracts.
  • Expertise – trained by a dedicated team of experts.
  • Stay updated – be ready to combat threats and build a strong workforce.
IntigrityShield awareness approach
  • Stage 1– phishing simulation
  • Stage 2– awareness training
  • Stage 3 – retest
  • Stage 4 – transform phishied employees
  • Stage 5 – transition to next level based on test reports of the previous cycle.

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