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IntigrityShield’s MDR-as-a-service

IntigrityShield’s AI-driven 24/7 MDR security services deliver swift prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, networks, cloud, and IoT devices. Our turnkey MDR Security Services offer competitive pricing, starting at less than the expense of hiring a single security analyst.

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IntigrityShield MDR-as-a-Service

IntigrityShield’s MDR-as-a-Service offers organizations an outsourced cybersecurity solution for efficient detection and response to cyber threats, minimizing potential impacts. This service streamlines incident response within the network, eliminating the need for additional staff.

Our Turnkey MDR security services equip organizations with essential tools and expert support for deployment, configuration, and monitoring. The objective of our 24/7 Turnkey MDR Security Services is to swiftly detect and respond to cyber threats while bolstering network security through the implementation of robust controls and best practices.

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Alert Fatigue
Lack of Security Skills
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Challenges without MDR

  • Alert fatigue

  • Lack of security skills

  • Staffing or resources

  • Underlying security flaws

  • Slow threat detection

  • No advanced threat detection

  • Security immaturity

Benefits of MDR

  • Rapid threat detection & mitigation

  • 24×7 eyes on the screen

  • Complementary vulnerability report

  • No extra charges for onboarding

  • Leverage industry-leading EDR solutions

  • Trusted MDR partner for 300+ customers across 10+ countries

  • Month to month subscription

  • Complaint with GDPR and local data privacy law

  • SOC type II & ISO-27k1 certified services

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