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Mobile Device Management-as-a-Service

“Shield your mobile devices from cyber attacks anytime and anywhere”.

MDM-as-a-Service secures all mobile devices from cyber threats. It is a cloud-based security solution that will enable you to manage the mobile device’s security from one platform without requiring on-premises hardware or software.

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IntigrityShield’s MDM-as-a-Service

MDM is a set of tools that manages all mobile devices like laptops, desktops, mobiles etc that are used for wok purposes. MDM-as-a-Service performs the same function as traditional MDM such as data security, policy enforcement and device provisioning, but through a cloud-based model. This cloud-based model enables easy access to corporate resources, with the inclusion of more devices and employees. On-premises hardware or software won’t give you the comfort and productivity MDMaaS gives. Everything can be managed through one platform even remotely.

Key Components

Open Threat Management's Key Components

Enhancing Security with Human-Centric Components

Control & Collection Engine

It intelligently enriches structured and unstructured data before securely routing it to the OTM core, ensuring a robust connection.

Analytics and Policy Engine

Dynamic threat models, steered by actionable AI and ML correlation, offer remediation routes with the flexibility of minimal intervention or full automation for effective threat containment.

EDR Agent

Beyond data collection, it plays a vital role in threat containment and elimination on the endpoint, triggered by remediation policies.

aiXDR Server

It issues specific instructions to aiXDR agents, fostering seamless communication with the APE and contributing to the comprehensive security fabric provided by OTM

Why is MDMaaS important?

  • Healthcare – helps to secure data of patients and enables to manage access of only authorized persons to the medical data of a patient.
  • Financial – for this highly regulated sector. MDMaaS helps by ensuring compliance such as GDPR and PCI DSS. It also helps by deleting sensitive financial data from stolen or lost devices to prevent data breaches.
  • Retail – MDMaaS helps in managing inventory, communication, sales tracking, and employee management with locking devices in case of loss or theft.
  • Education – helps in regulating data in devices used by teachers and students. It prevents data beach even in remote communication and wipes data off devices during theft.
  • Manufacturing – In this industry, MDMaaS helps to manage devices used in the floor for efficiency by helping employees understand which software and tools to choose in specific cases.

IntigrityShield MDMaaS benefits

  • Secure access to on-premises resources

  • Manage corporate owned devices.

  • Limit access to corporate resources

  • Restrict access to forbidden data.

  • Remote access and tracking location of mobile devices.

  • Safeguard company’s data by remotely erasing data from lost/stolen devices

  • Enable encryption and threat protection on mobile devices.

  • Policy enforcement

  • Enrolment of new devices into company policy and infrastructure

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