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Dark Web Monitoring

Get intel about cybercriminals and what they know about your organisation along with real-time dark web exposure.

IntigrityShield is committed to your organisation’s safety. It constantly monitors your employee data and corporate domains by comparing them with a database of breached data lakes on the dark web.

During a breach, our SOC team instantly alerts you through a triaged escalation process, led by a human analyst, who works with your team to take corrective measures.

At IntigrityShield , our goal is to make web a safer place y disrupting darknet activities. We strive to give your corporate credentials and machines the best protection and we prevent bad actors from profiting off stolen corporate data.

Open Threat Management intigrityshield

Most trusted dark web monitoring service​

Millions of data are at a risk every second and millions of data are compromised and added to dark web daily. Bad actors profit off this compromised data harming company’s reputation and its infrastructure. Get this service to assist your IT team for taking prompt and timely actions to contain compromised
accounts and infected machines.

Achieve a remarkable 75%-90% reduction in both capital and operational expenses. Our Open Threat Management Platform is designed with a human touch, offering a perfect blend of automation, visibility, insightful data, and personalized controls. Optimize analytics, shorten time-to-detection and time-to-remediation, and gain effective control mechanisms, including enforcing network policies for micro-segmentation and defining custom alerts tailored to your unique needs.

IntigrityShield dark web components

Dark web monitoring-as -a-service enables you to stay ahead of cybercriminals and be updated about the possible threats to your company and employees on the dark web. By taking prompt actions on your compromised data, assets, employees pII, you can efficiently protect and prevent harm to your company’s infrastructure and reputation. This service provides you with a clear understanding of all potential threats, allowing you to prevent and protect your compromised data.

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Common Questions

Dark web monitoring FAQs

Dark web is a digital black marketplace where cybercriminals can sell and transact stolen and compromised data, assets, employee PII, stolen credit card etc.

This happens through various forms of cyberattacks including phishing attack, malware attacks, or even ransomware attacks.

This info can be leaked and misused for illegal activities which can also be used for ransomware attacks and form. This data act as a currency on the dark web.

Cookie stealing can bypass MFA. The cookies remain valid until the user logs out of the session and closes window. The attackers can therefore bypass MFA and steal these cookies and sell them on dark web.