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Cloud App Monitoring

Cloud App and Infrastructure Monitoring

Cloud App Monitoring and Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring provide essential oversight for your cloud-based operations. With Cloud App Monitoring, you can ensure the optimal performance and security of your cloud-based applications through comprehensive monitoring solutions. Meanwhile, Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring offers real-time insights into the health and performance of your cloud infrastructure, enabling proactive management to maintain reliability and scalability.

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Cloud Monitoring Services

  • 24×7 eyes-on-screen: Advanced analytics and event correlation monitoring of applications, devices and servers hosted in AWS, Azure or Google cloud
  • 24×7 Proactive: Escalations and alerting by our SOC
  • Single-pane: View of your cloud and on-premises threats
  • Compliance: Simplifies compliance with easy reporting
Office 365/G-Suite Security Monitoring

IntigrityShield delivers continuous threat visibility, ensuring a confident transition for your enterprise into Office 365/G-Suite. Our robust data logging, monitoring, and reporting capabilities promptly alert you to threats and unauthorized access to critical services like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Azure Active Directory. With IntigrityShield, you achieve enhanced data governance and preemptively detect unauthorized users or activities, mitigating potential damage proactively.

Protecting Virtual Firewalls and WAF

In the current cloud-centric landscape, virtual firewalls and web application firewalls (WAFs) are essential safeguards for your data and applications. However, managing the significant volume of log data they produce can be challenging. Enterprises lacking the necessary staff or expertise to analyze suspicious data can trust IntigrityShield for monitoring, threat correlation, and specialized knowledge in AWS and Azure environments.

Cloud Security Monitoring for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Continuous security monitoring around the clock, coupled with event correlation and advanced analytics, ensures comprehensive protection for your AWS environment. We meticulously analyze security logs from various AWS sources and services, including CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, Logical Devices, and more, to safeguard your operations as you scale, whether up or down.

Cloud Security Monitoring for Microsoft Azure

Continuous security monitoring operates 24/7, with event correlation and advanced analytics analyzing security logs from key sources within Microsoft Azure. These include Azure Active Directory, Azure Activity Logs, Azure Security Center, NSG Flow Logs, and Storage Blobs, ensuring comprehensive protection for your Azure environment.

Why IntigrityShield Cloud Security Monitoring

IntigrityShield’s SOC-as-a-Service offers 24×7 visibility into both on-premises networks and cloud services.

Our SOC processes data from cloud services using Hybrid AI, enabling us to detect and respond to advanced attacks with 10 times greater accuracy, minimizing disruptions to your business.

Benefit from:

  • Simplified monitoring processes
  • Protection for critical applications and data
  • Enhanced global visibility and reporting capabilities
  • Compliance maintenance
  • Security for cloud and hybrid IT workloads
  • Increased efficiency through elite threat intelligence utilization

Why Choose Our Services

Experience uninterrupted protection with SafeAeon’s 24×7 SOC, tirelessly guarding against, identifying, and countering cyber attacks to keep your business resilient and secure.

Dedicated Monitoring for Your IT Infrastructure

Rest assured with SafeAeon's constant surveillance of your IT infrastructure. Our dedicated security analysts ensure swift threat detection and containment, providing you peace of mind.

Competitive Cybersecurity Solutions

Unlock access to cutting-edge cybersecurity products at unbeatable prices through SafeAeon. Benefit from premium solutions at competitive rates, ensuring top-tier security for your organization.

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Stay ahead of threats with SafeAeon's meticulously researched Threat Intelligence Data. Gain free access to informed insights for proactive cybersecurity strategies that keep your business protected.

Seamless Integration with Your IT Team

Integrate SafeAeon seamlessly with your existing IT team to fortify defenses against risks and threats. Receive expert recommendations for unified security, enhancing your overall cybersecurity posture.

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