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Microsoft Azure encounters its largest-ever security breach in history


A serious breach has hit numerous Azure accounts, Microsoft’s cloud service, putting critical user data at risk. This cyberattack targeted high-profile executives in various companies and was carried out using tactics like phishing and cloud account takeover, allowing the attackers access to Office Home and Microsoft 365 applications.

Proofpoint, a cybersecurity company, discovered that the hackers used a similar malicious campaign seen in November 2023. They employed proxy services to bypass location restrictions and hid their identity. The attack involved tricking users into clicking on links in documents, leading them to phishing websites with seemingly harmless anchor text like “View document.”

The attack was well-planned and focused on both mid-level and senior employees, with a higher number of compromises among the former. Sales directors, account managers, financial directors, operations vice presidents, presidents, and CEOs were the main targets, enabling the attackers to access information across different levels of organizations.

Once an account was compromised, the cybercriminals used multifactor authentication (MFA) to maintain access by adding alternate phone numbers or setting up authentication apps, preventing users from regaining control. They also meticulously erased any signs of suspicious activity to cover their tracks.

The primary goals of these cyber-attacks are data theft and financial fraud. While the perpetrators remain unknown, there are indications pointing to Russia and Nigeria based on the use of local Internet service providers in these regions.


Azure security breach, targeting high-ranking executives through sophisticated phishing tactics, highlights the pressing need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. The attack’s human impact underscores the importance of user awareness and robust authentication protocols. Organizations must prioritize cybersecurity training and implement proactive measures to mitigate future threats.

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