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Patch Management

Say no to vulnerabilities with IntigrityShield’s Patch Management-as-a-Service.

IntigrityShield’s Patch Management-as-a-Service helps you to keep your system up to date and safe by regularly updating patches and managing crucial vulnerabilities in your system. Through our schedule and rule set, you can trust us in keeping your system and application patched and all endpoint protected from cyber threats for your business.

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IntigrityShield Patch Management-as-a-Service

IntigrityShield Patch Management-as-a-Service reduces downtime and improves security. This is a cloud-based solution that updates system software to ensure optimal performance consistently. It automates patching across the entire infrastructure which eliminates the necessity of manual intervention.

IntigrityShield PMaaS process

  • Vulnerability scanning – through scanning to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability assessment – assessing and categorizing vulnerabilities as per severity levels
    and the attack types they are prone to.
  • Pilot patching – ensures smooth patching process by weekly patching on pilot devices.
  • Validation – patches applied are then validated from console and reports are shared with
    the customer to ensure proper visibility and success rate.
  • Production patching – after pilot patching, the same process is followed for the rest of the
  • Final assessment and reporting – after production phase patching, final reports are
    provided to customers along with fixing a date and time for patching procedure for

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Common Questions

IntigrityShield PMaaS FAQs

  • Improved security – consistent system updates through patch management enhance security.
  • Reduced downtime – identifying and addressing issues and vulnerabilities reduces downtime.
  • Increased productivity- employees and workers can focus on tasks at hand as patching
    won’t require manual intervention.

  • Compliance – regulations like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI-DSS requires regular patching to adhere
    to compliances, PMaaS makes it easy.

  • Cost-saving – manual patching increases the cost of the company, which can be avoided
    by choosing PMaaS.