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Protect your identity & strengthen your security with IntigrityShield MFA-as-a-service.

MFA or multi factor authentication-as-a-service is a cloud-based service providing additional security for user authentication through multiple steps of verification, such as, a password, OTP, notifications etc.

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IntigrityShield MFA-as-a-service

MFA-as-a-Service (MFAaaS) is a cloud-based security service that requires a user to provide more than one form of authentication or verification to gain access to a system or application. Hence, this service provides multi-factor authentication.

IntigrityShield MFAaaS offers a more convenient way to implement MFA without going through the hassle of managing infrastructure and resources. Integrity Sheild will provide you the APIs or SDKs, that you can integrate in your organisation’s application or system. These authentication methods range from one time passwords to biometrics thus providing you with scalable and user friendly solutions for implementing MFA across your system. MFA provides extra layers of security to your organisation to shield it from cyberattacks.

Benefits of MFA-as-a-Service

  • Expertise: You get highest level of security from our team of experts having the required experience and specialised knowledge.

  • Cost-effectiveness: It reduces your cost as you wouldn’t require the need for in-house infrastructure and personnel.

  • Scalability: Your business needs might change, and service providers can easily scale the MFA solution making it adjustable and suitable.

  • Focus on core business: Leave the management to our experts and focus on your core business.

  • Reliability: Service providers have established processes and systems to ensure uptime and reliability.

  • Time saving: You can have ample time for other tasks since you won’t be needing IT staff to manage and maintain MFA solution.

  • Improved security : Instead of relying on in-house solutions, you can rely on service providers to get the latest MFA technology.

Real-time Processing at Speed

Swiftly process and act on actionable intelligence using Big/Fast Data technology, fueled by in-memory computing for unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Built-in Correlation based on Behavioral Patterns

Empower our system to learn from user, entity, and network behaviors, allowing it to analyze and correlate events.

Dynamic Threat Models for Attack Analysis

Experience the capabilities of AI-based computing to craft threat models that reflect the attack techniques and tactics outlined in the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

  • Enhanced security
          Adds a second layer of security for better protection from cyber threats.

  • Easy implementation
        It’s easy and quick implementation saves your money.

  • Scalability
      You can scale it up or down to fit your business needs.

  • User convenience
      MFA can be delivered through various modes and methods including SMS, mobile apps etc.

  • Reduced costs
      You do not need to invest in infrastructure and solutions apart from this service.

  • Improved compliance
       MFA helps you to adhere to regulatory rules for avoiding penalties.

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